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Not good enough?
Feeling stuck in the past?
Feeling anxious and depressed?
Do you want to move forward but can’t?
Feeling as if you’re doing everything for everyone except yourself?
Worried about the impact of stress and lifestyle on your health?
Are you unhappy with your body?
Is your life out of control?
Feeling unappreciated?

Is Change Now the Only Solution?

Take the first step toward Having It All without feeling the guilt. Reclaim your life quickly and easily with someone who has been where you are now.


We are programmed at an early age to believe what is right and wrong, good or bad, what we are capable of and what we aren’t, what to do or not do. At one point in our lives these program may have served us, but in time these programs can become antiquated and need to be removed because they are no longer having the desired result.

The human mind is very similar to a computer and these programs are your automated systems for living. They determine all the little things you do everyday that impact your quality of life. Some people are running programs that make daily living so challenging that they need an entirely new operating system. Think of it like this, if we were using a computer running on DOS today we would not be on the internet, we needed to upgrade to Windows. As our environment and needs change, we need to be using new programs to help us operate at our greatest potential.

It has been said that the human brain is the most powerful supercomputer on the planet. Based on that premise, if we can program computers to do what people do then we can also program unresourceful individuals to do what successful ones are doing.

To achieve this level of transformation the idea of just getting a “Life Coach” is not going to work. In order to truly reach this level of optimum performance in your life the world needs a new kind of coach, one that takes into account the whole person, mind, body and spirit. One that understands the art of neuroscience and how we are programmed. This new kind of professional, a Certified NAP & NLP Practitioner.

As a Certified NAP & NLP Practitioner, I have gone through intense training for 12 months and have continued under the mentorship of Certified Master trainers and I understand and use the keys to unlocking true potential and happiness in my clients.

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Watch and hear what clients say about Natalia!

“She helped me become the true person I wanted to be…” Dawn

“I feel like I can do anything… limitless” Crystal

“She helped me envision where I wanted to be in 5 years down the line.” Moe

Who is Natalia Rodriguez?

I am Natalia Rodriguez. I am an Elite N.A.P. & N.L.P. Practitioner, and founder of Uplifting Possibilities where we help women rediscover their true selves and create the life they desire.

I use Neuro-Associative and Neuro-Linguistic programming to help my clients overcome challenges and get consistent fast results in any area of their lives. I hold a certification from the NAP Coaching Academy which is the result of fifty years combined experience of the top two experts in the personal development field.

My personal development journey began in my mid-twenties when I started looking around for help.
Talking myself into positive thinking and grabbing every self-help book I could possibly read did not help.
Not being able to make any desired improvements on my own, I came to the realization that I needed to work with someone on a personal level. That is when I decided to work the most exceptionally skilled N.A.P. & N.L.P. Expert in the field who supported me every step of the way.

As I realized how much it impacted that in my life, I felt a strong calling to support and serve other people and make a difference in their lives. I have a huge passion for the personal development field. Seeing people breakthrough challenges and having been part of their journey is gratifying.

I use proven systems that not only create change in my clients’ lives but of the people around them. Having a deep understanding about human behavior and having been trained in the latest neurosciences, intuitive listening, and psychology, I use my skill sets to help people overcome situations that do not serve them and unlock their true potential. I have the competence to help people from any background, and on a global scale, as I have developed a broad cultural awareness through my relationships and travels all over the world.

As a Certified N.A.P and N.L.P Practitioner and founder of Uplifting Possibilities I support people in their journey of life changing decisions that will lead to them acting and creating the life they truly desire.

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